Photoshop is a powerful tool that allows for creativity and digital manipulation. However, it’s not always easy to master. Here are some examples of funny amateur Photoshop attempts that range from the good, the bad, to the downright ugly.

The Good:

  1. Funny Mashups: Some amateur Photoshoppers excel at creating humorous mashups by seamlessly blending different elements together. These imaginative creations can include unexpected combinations like animals with human features or celebrities in hilarious situations.
  2. Exaggerated Proportions: Instead of trying to create a flawless image, some amateurs embrace the humor in distorting proportions. These silly edits can include elongated limbs or exaggerated features, resulting in comical and lighthearted images.

The Bad:

  1. Poorly Blended Backgrounds: One common mistake made by amateur Photoshoppers is failing to seamlessly integrate subjects into their chosen backgrounds. Poorly blended edges and lighting discrepancies can create obvious and awkward edits that don’t quite fool the eye.
  2. Disproportionate Elements: Sometimes, amateur attempts at Photoshop can result in elements that are out of proportion. For example, overly enlarged heads or hands that appear strangely large compared to the rest of the body, making the image look more comical than intended.

The Ugly:

  1. Unnatural Skin Smoothing: Applying skin-smoothing filters excessively can create an unnatural and plastic-like appearance. It’s important to strike the right balance, as an over-processed look can be off-putting and unintentionally humorous.
  2. Clumsy Object Removal: Removing unwanted objects from an image can be challenging, and amateurs may sometimes leave behind noticeable traces or awkward gaps. These clumsy attempts at object removal can make the final result unintentionally funny.

While these amateur Photoshop attempts may not always result in flawless edits, they often provide us with a good laugh. It’s important to remember that mastering Photoshop takes time and practice. Nonetheless, these funny attempts showcase the creativity and entertainment that can come from embracing imperfections and finding humor in the process.


By Teddy

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