Vine was a platform that brought us countless funny and entertaining pet videos in just a few seconds. Though Vine is no longer active, we can still remember the hilarious animal Vines that made us laugh. Here are some of the most memorable and side-splitting pet videos that captured our hearts.

  1. “What Are You Doing?!” – This Vine featured a talking dog who repeatedly asked its owner, “What are you doing?” in a hilariously confused tone, earning laughs and views from pet lovers everywhere.
  2. “Stealing the Spotlight” – A talented cat stole the show as it jumped in the frame while its owner was attempting a high kick, leaving us in stitches with its impeccable comedic timing.
  3. “Selfie Time” – We all love taking selfies, and so does one cheeky dog in a particular Vine. As its owner poses for a selfie, the dog can’t resist joining in and steals the spotlight with his adorable photobomb.
  4. “Singing Guinea Pig” – This Vine showcased the artistic talents of a guinea pig that appeared to sing along as its owner played a harmonica, creating an unexpectedly hilarious musical moment.
  5. “The Hungry Pug” – In this Vine, an adorable pug is captured in its quest for a treat. With each bark, it inches closer to the prize until finally reaching it, leaving us laughing at its determination and enthusiasm.
  6. “Corgi Stampede” – A herd of energetic corgis running towards the camera in slow motion made for a visually amusing and comical Vine that highlighted their compact and quirky cuteness.
  7. “Dancing Cockatoo” – With impressive rhythm and dance moves, a cockatoo showed off its groove in this Vine. Its infectious energy and enthusiastic head-bobbing brought smiles to everyone who watched.
  8. “Kitty Noodle Slide” – A cat takes the phrase “slip ‘n slide” quite literally as it hilariously slides across a tiled floor, posing for the camera with equal parts confusion and delight.
  9. “Sneezing Husky” – This Vine captured the priceless moment when a husky attempted to compose itself for a serious selfie but ended up sneezing uncontrollably, resulting in a hilarious and unexpected outcome.
  10. “The Ultimate Photobomb” – One Vine featured a photobombing goat that unexpectedly appeared in a family’s picturesque selfie, eliciting laughter and surprise from the unsuspecting group.

These funny animal Vines remind us of the joys and unexpected antics our pets bring to our lives. Though Vine may be gone, the laughter and happiness these short videos brought stay with us, always ready to brighten our day.

By Teddy

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