The internet is filled with viral videos that have made us laugh uncontrollably. Here are some of the best internet comedy hits that have become legendary for their hilarious and shareable content.

  1. “Charlie Bit My Finger”: One of the most-watched and beloved viral videos, this clip features a little boy named Charlie biting his brother’s finger. The innocent reaction and the playful banter between the two siblings have become comedy gold.
  2. “David After Dentist”: In this video, a young boy named David is still feeling the effects of anesthesia after a dentist appointment. His rambling and confused state provides hilarious commentary that has been shared and parodied countless times.
  3. “Keyboard Cat”: The “Keyboard Cat” video showcases a cat dressed in a blue shirt playing a keyboard. The catchy tune and amusing actions of the feline have made it a favorite for meme creators and comedy enthusiasts.
  4. “Evolution of Dance”: This video features a man named Judson Laipply showcasing various dance moves from different eras. His energetic performance and comedic timing have made it an internet sensation with millions of views.
  5. “Dramatic Chipmunk”: In just a few seconds, this video captures a close-up shot of a chipmunk turning its head dramatically, accompanied by intense music. The unexpected nature of the clip has made it a go-to for brief and hilarious entertainment.
  6. “Baby Yoda Dance Party”: This video features an adorable child dressed as Baby Yoda dancing to a catchy tune. The combination of Baby Yoda’s cuteness and the child’s infectious enthusiasm has made it a viral hit.
  7. “Gangnam Style”: Psy’s “Gangnam Style” music video took the world by storm with its catchy tune and silly dance moves. The comical and over-the-top nature of the video made it an internet sensation and holds the record for most-watched video on YouTube for several years.
  8. “Double Rainbow”: This video captures a man’s genuine and over-the-top reaction to witnessing a double rainbow. His awe and excitement have made it a viral sensation, with his famous line, “What does it mean?”
  9. “Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone”: In this video from “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Emma Stone engages in an epic lip-sync battle with Jimmy Fallon. Her hilarious performances and unexpected song choices have made this video a must-watch for comedy lovers.
  10. “The Sneezing Baby Panda”: Filmed at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, this video captures a baby panda sneezing and scaring its mother. The adorable and unexpected sneeze has captivated audiences across the world.

These viral comedy hits have provided endless laughs and entertainment for audiences around the globe. Their ability to capture moments of joy, surprise, and silliness reminds us of the power of humor in connecting us all on the internet.

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