The 411 On Delta 9

Delta 9: What Is It?

I’m sure that you’ve heard of Delta 9 THC by now. When people think of Delta 9, they normally go straight to thinking of cannabis. I get it though. Delta 9 is a major player in when it comes to cannabis.

However, when I’m talking about Delta 9 I’m talking about LEGAL Delta 9. Yes, that is a real thing, and it does exist.

No, I don’t mean the states that allow medical cannabis or even the recreational use of cannabis, although it is absolutely amazing that those states have done that. They are realizing what cannabis has to offer, and what the real benefits are.

I am talking about LEGAL Delta 9 that is able to be produced and sold. How is that even possible? Simple really. It’s made the same way that CBD is. Yes, Delta 9 is LEGAL as long as it’s sourced from the hemp flower, and stays Farm Bill compliant. Pretty amazing isn’t it?

What Does It Mean To Be Farm Bill Compliant?

I think that it’s such a great thing that there is a way to have Delta 9 legally. It’s literally the best, but what does it mean to for it to be Farm Bill compliant? That’s a great question!When they authorized hemp and CBD to be produced and be legally made, they stated in the Farm Bill that came to pass that it could contain up to 0.3% of D9 THC or less, on a dry weight basis, but that’s it. No more Delta 9 THC could be present in it.

Sure, that might not seem like a lot. The 0.3% of D9 on a dry weight basis, BUT if you know how to use it your advantage, you can size it up, and boom, LEGAL Delta 9 products have become available.

We’re ALL pretty thankful for this!

Where Can You Find Delta 9?

Delta 9 is actually legal everywhere that hemp and CBD is legal and available to sold and purchased at. It’s truly the best. We’re living in some of the best times here, because this means that all throughout, and all over the US, you can purchase hemp produced Delta 9.Hemp produced Delta 9 isn’t as hard to find as you might be thinking that it would it be either. No back alley, dark web, or etc., needed in order to find and buy this. All you have to do is maybe go to your local convenient store or tobacco store. They might have this as an option for you to get.

If neither of those have it for you, then your best bet would be to go to a store that specializes in selling CBD only type of products. They would have better selection and variety of Delta 9 to pick from for you anyways. It is their specialty after all.

If none of this suits you, there is still an option available. As most people tend to love to online shop, why not just buy your Delta 9 online too? Yes, you can most definitely do that!

To me, ordering online is the best thing to do. You can get exactly what you want. You also know for sure that you’re getting the best.

What Is Delta 9 Good For? What Is Its Benefits?

Delta 9 is what everyone wants, but why? Why does everyone desire D9 so much? What are the benefits of using Delta 9 instead of regular CBD?It’s actually quite simple really. Delta 9 is the strain of THC that has all of those wonderful psychoactive traits. That’s what makes people want it. CBD absolutely does NOT have any of these psychoactive traits.

Hemp produced Delta 9, that is still Farm Bill compliant, has plenty in it that it still has all of those traits inside of it.

What is the benefits of using Delta 9 though? What’s it good for? I’m not a doctor, or your physician. Before you start taking anything you should ALWAYS consult with your doctor, to stay on the safe side. I’m also not making any medical claims here either. Only stating what it can help with, as others have reported.

  • 1. Increased Appetite.
  • 2. Promotes Better Sleep.
  • 3. Can Help With Headaches/ Migraines.
  • 4. Can Help With Some Symptoms Of Anxiety.
  • 5. Promotes Feelings Of Relaxation And Euphoria.
  • 6. Stimulates Your Libido.
  • 7. So Much More.

With things like these as possible benefits, why wouldn’t you want to give it a try yourself? It’s honestly, hands down, the best.

Make Sure You Find Quality Delta 9

When you’re making your purchase of D9, you need to make sure that you’re finding the best quality D9 that you can. You don’t want to buy any Delta 9 that turns out to be pure crap. There’s no fun in that.There are a few things that you can keep in mind when buying Delta 9, so that way you know you’re getting the best possible.

  • Are there any brands or companies you have heard people talking about? This is a sure sign that they’re great.
  • Do some research on the website or company of the Delta 9 that you’re thinking about purchasing. This will allow you to make sure that they’re legit.
  • If you’re ordering from an online site, check for red flags. Make sure the website isn’t fake.
  • Read what other customers have left as reviews. This allows for you to know if the Delta 9 product is great or not.

Following these simple steps will help keep you from buying any terrible Delta 9 products, and helps keep you on the path of buying great quality Delta 9. Which is definitely what you want to do.

Just to help you out even more, here’s a list of some of my favorite brands for Delta 9 gummies:

  • 1. Delta Extrax
  • 2. Mr Hemp Flower
  • 3. Exhale