Celebrities are known for their larger-than-life personalities, and sometimes they use their fame and status to pull off epic pranks that leave us in awe. Here are some of the most memorable celebrity pranks of all time that had everyone talking and laughing.

  1. George Clooney’s Revenge: After years of being known as a notorious prankster, George Clooney got his revenge on Brad Pitt during the filming of “Ocean’s Twelve.” He had a custom stationary made for Brad with a letter from “Julia Roberts” proclaiming her love for him. The letter was read aloud to the whole cast, leaving Brad both embarrassed and amused.
  2. Emma Stone and the Billboard Surprise: In 2014, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were promoting “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” when Emma orchestrated a surprise for a fan. During a radio interview, they called a random fan who was overwhelmed with excitement. What the fan didn’t know is that Emma was listening in the next room and surprised her in person, creating an unforgettable moment.
  3. Ellen DeGeneres at it Again: Ellen is known for pulling pranks on both celebrities and her audience. One of her standout pranks was when she sent Adele to a Jamba Juice for a hidden camera segment. Adele had to follow ridiculous instructions given by Ellen, including feigning a juice craving for a “large” even though it wasn’t on the menu. The entire interaction had everyone in stitches.
  4. Justin Bieber Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher: “Punk’d” was a popular prank show hosted by Ashton Kutcher, and no one was safe from his tricks. One of Ashton’s most memorable pranks was on Justin Bieber. Bieber was led to believe that his car was being repossessed while he was attending a charity event. The prank had Bieber in a panic until Ashton revealed himself, leaving him relieved and astonished.
  5. Daniel Radcliffe in Deadpool Costume: During Comic-Con in 2015, Daniel Radcliffe decided to have some fun by disguising himself as Spider-Man and walking around the convention. However, the twist was that he was wearing a full Deadpool costume underneath, resulting in hilarious interactions with fans who had no idea it was him.
  6. Matt Damon Takes Over Jimmy Kimmel Live: For years, Jimmy Kimmel ended his show by saying, “Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time.” In a legendary prank, Matt Damon took over the show one night, tied up Kimmel, and hosted the entire episode, complete with celebrity guests and hilarious moments.
  7. Sacha Baron Cohen’s Red Carpet Stunts: Known for his outrageous characters, Sacha Baron Cohen has pulled several epic pranks on the red carpet. One of the most notable was when he arrived as his character “General Aladeen” from the film “The Dictator” and “accidentally” spilled what he claimed were Kim Jong-il’s ashes all over Ryan Seacrest’s suit.

These epic celebrity pranks show that even the biggest stars can enjoy a good laugh and surprise their fellow celebrities, fans, and even talk show hosts. These moments of lightheartedness and mischief remind us that famous individuals are not always bound by their public personas and are capable of creating unforgettable comedy moments.


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