Two ladies and a man laughing, using Humour for their Self-CareHumour in Self-Care

Using humour in self-care can be a powerful tool to improve your mental and emotional well-being.  In this article, we’ll give you practices for incorporating laughter and light-heartedness into your self-care routine that can positively impact your overall health.

How to Use Humour in Self-Care

Understand the Benefits of Humour in Self-Care

Humour in self-care involves intentionally incorporating laughter and comedic elements into activities that promote well-being. It helps reduce stress, improve mood, and foster resilience by releasing endorphins and promoting relaxation. Therefore, understanding these benefits can motivate you to incorporate more laughter into your daily life.

Two girls laughing and using Humour for their Self-Care
Humour in Self-Care

Find Humour in Everyday Life

Start by finding humour in everyday situations. Whether it’s laughing at a funny meme, enjoying a comedic movie, or sharing a joke with friends, finding moments of laughter can instantly boost your mood and alleviate stress. Look for opportunities to lighten up and embrace the humorous side of life.

Use Humour to Manage Stress

Humour can serve as a coping mechanism during stressful times. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, try to find a humorous perspective on the situation. This can help you maintain a positive outlook, reduce tension, and approach challenges with a lighter heart. Incorporate laughter into your stress management strategies to promote relaxation and resilience.

Incorporate Playfulness into Self-Care Activities

Infuse playfulness into your self-care routine by engaging in activities that bring you joy and laughter. This could include playing games, trying a new hobby, or engaging in creative activities that make you smile. By incorporating playfulness, you can enhance your overall well-being and reduce the negative effects of stress.

Share Laughter with Others

Laughter is contagious and sharing funny moments with others can strengthen social bonds and enhance your sense of connection. Spend time with friends or loved ones who make you laugh, join a laughter yoga class, or participate in comedy events to amplify the benefits of humour in self-care. Surround yourself with positivity and laughter.

Embrace Positive Self-Talk with Humor

Use humour to cultivate positive self-talk and self-compassion. Instead of being overly critical of yourself, lighten the mood by gently poking fun at your mistakes or imperfections. This approach fosters a more forgiving and resilient mindset, promoting mental well-being.

Use Comedy as a Relaxation Technique

Moreover, integrate comedy into relaxation techniques such as meditation or deep breathing exercises. Listen to funny podcasts or watch light-hearted comedy specials during relaxation sessions. Laughter can enhance relaxation by reducing muscle tension and promoting a sense of calm.

Create a Humorous Self-Care Routine

Develop a personalized self-care routine that includes humorous elements. This could involve starting your day with a funny comic strip, writing a daily gratitude list with a humorous twist, or keeping a journal of funny anecdotes and moments that make you laugh. Incorporating humour into your routine makes self-care enjoyable and sustainable.

Use Humor to Enhance Creativity

Furthermore, you should engage in creative activities with a humorous approach to stimulate creativity and innovation. Write funny stories or poems, create whimsical artwork, or playfully brainstorm ideas. Humour can lower inhibitions and inspire fresh perspectives. Hence, making creative endeavours more enjoyable and productive.

Maintain a Healthy Balance

While humour is beneficial, it’s important to maintain a healthy balance and avoid using it as a means to ignore or dismiss serious emotions. Acknowledge and address your feelings authentically, using humour as a supportive tool rather than a distraction. Strive for a balanced approach to self-care that encompasses both laughter and emotional authenticity.


In conclusion, integrating humour into your self-care routine offers numerous benefits for your mental and emotional health. By understanding the benefits of humour, finding laughter in everyday life, using humour to manage stress, incorporating playfulness into activities, and sharing laughter with others, you can enhance your well-being and enjoy a more balanced and joyful life. Embrace the power of humour in self-care and prioritize activities that bring laughter and light-heartedness into your daily routine.

By Teddy