AutoCorrect can be a helpful tool for ensuring that our text messages are error-free, but sometimes it works against us, leading to some hilariously awkward and downright embarrassing moments. Here are 10 text message fails caused by AutoCorrect that will have you laughing out loud.

  1. “I’ll bring the pie… and my llama.” AutoCorrect turns “mom” into “llama,” resulting in a very confused response from the recipient.
  2. “Can’t wait to see you, babe. I’ve been dreaming about your nose all day.” AutoCorrect changes “face” to “nose,” leading to an unintentional and peculiar compliment.
  3. “What time will you be home for dinner? Your father and I can’t wait to make out.” AutoCorrect substitutes “eat” with “make out,” turning a sweet family message into an awkward situation.
  4. “Just saw a squirrel with tiny pants. So cute!” AutoCorrect transforms “plants” into “pants,” giving the text an unexpected and amusing visual.
  5. “I’m running late, stuck in traffic behind a herd of cheese.” AutoCorrect replaces “sheep” with “cheese,” causing confusion and a good laugh.
  6. “I’m being chased by ducks! Send help!” AutoCorrect changes “debt” to “ducks,” turning a serious request for assistance into a comical situation.
  7. “I can’t wait to cuddle you tonight. I’ve bought a new beard.” AutoCorrect switches “bed” to “beard,” causing confusion and a whole lot of questions.
  8. “Let’s meet at the bar for a few drinks and then get burritos.” AutoCorrect changes “burritos” to “married,” leading to a rather unexpected suggestion.
  9. “Remember to pick up the kids from school and grab some ice cream for after, and don’t forget the elephant.” AutoCorrect replaces “element” with “elephant,” turning a mundane reminder into a bizarre request.
  10. “I miss you so much. Life has been a roller coaster since you left. Can’t wait for you to be back in my arms again… and my pants.” AutoCorrect replaces “plans” with “pants,” creating an unintentionally suggestive and amusing message.

These AutoCorrect mishaps remind us to double-check our texts before hitting send, as technology sometimes has a mind of its own. The resulting awkward and funny moments serve as a reminder to embrace the silly side of communication and find humor in our everyday mishaps.

By Teddy

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