We’ve all experienced the frustration and embarrassment of autocorrect turning our innocent text messages into hilarious, and sometimes awkward, fails. Here are some hilarious autocorrect text message fails that will have you laughing out loud and grateful that you’re not the one sending them.

  1. “Can I pick up some Vodka on the way home? I need to wash the baby.”

Autocorrect strikes again, turning “boba” into “Vodka” and “blanket” into “baby.” This parent’s intentions were misunderstood in the most amusing way.

  1. “Don’t forget to bring lube to the party!”

What the sender meant to text was “ice,” but autocorrect had other ideas. Hopefully, this didn’t cause too much confusion at the gathering.

  1. “I’m really looking forward to tonight! Can’t wait to see your face in bread.”

Autocorrect’s suggestion of “bread” instead of “person” turned this sweet message into a carb-filled confusion. Let’s hope the recipient didn’t take it too literally.

  1. “I’m in a meeting right now. Can I call you back later? I’m sorry for the Incontinence.”

Autocorrect strikes again, taking a simple apology for inconvenience and turning it into an entirely different bodily function. Awkward.

  1. “Dad, can you come pick me up? I’m stuck at the liquor store.”

Instead of “library,” autocorrect hilariously swapped it with “liquor store.” That would certainly be an interesting predicament to explain to dear old Dad.

  1. “I can’t make it to the party tonight. I have a court date. I mean dentist appointment!”

Autocorrect’s change from “court date” to “dentist appointment” could create some confusion among friends. Maybe it’s time to reschedule that dental work.

  1. “I just found out I got a raise! I’m so exorcised!”

Instead of “excited,” autocorrect changed this message to a whole different level of enthusiasm. Let’s hope this didn’t lead to any unwanted holy intervention.

  1. “Are you up for some dinner? I really had a long gay.”

Autocorrect decided to swap “day” with “gay,” leading to a completely unexpected statement. This request for dinner might require some clarification.

  1. “My mom is driving me nuts! I need to move out of her horse.”

Instead of “house,” autocorrect hilariously changed it to “horse.” This person might want to consider finding a more stable living arrangement.

  1. “I can’t wait to see you tonight! I bought some new sexy pits!”

Autocorrect’s substitution of “pants” for “pits” took this message to a whole new level of risqué. Let’s hope these were some fabulous pants indeed.

These autocorrect text message fails show that technology isn’t always as helpful as we expect. They provide us with moments of laughter and remind us to double-check our messages before hitting send. So the next time you have a funny autocorrect mishap, embrace the humor and share it with your friends.

By Teddy

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