• Devlin + Herrera + MagCalen + Savage 10/18 @ The Jam

    Highly recommended Matt Devlin headlines a show that features the return of the comedic Prodigal Son from Humboldt....Zeke Herrera and he's bringing great friend from Denver Kira MagCalen. And Dutch Savage opens.....Holy Shit what a show...and if that doesn't wet your whistle, James Stephen hosts! ONLY $5!

  • Nick Thune 10/22 @ Mateel Community Center

    Nick Thune (Tonight Show, Conan, Comedy Central) one night only! Featuring Joshua Barnes. Hosted by Matt Redbeard. $15

  • Ivy Vasquez Headlines The Jam 10/25

    Longtime local comedian Ivy Vasquez does 30 miutes plus as she headlines The Jam. Bay Area comedians Greg Gettle and Andrew Garcia open. Josh Duke hosts. $5

  • Joshua Barnes Headlines The Jam 11/15

    Local comedian extraordinaire Josh Barnes headlines a night of comedy at The Jam. Other locals James Stephen, Jessica Grant and Trevor Lockwood open. Ivy Vasquez hosts. $5

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    This Blinding Light – Seven Feathers

    Samantha Gilweit, contributor As someone who has repeatedly paid money to telephone psychics, This Blinding Light’s latest work, Seven Feathers, already had my new-age ass by naming all of its songs after celestial bodies. Appropriately, this record is spacey, in the best possible sense. Echoing reverb, cutting vocals, and expansive psychedelic riffs all give this album the feeling like, “holy shit, someday we’re all going to be engulfed by a giant black hole, but I’m kinda, totally chill with that.”   Following the flight path of early acid-rock pioneers of the 70’s, Seven Feathers also adds elements reminiscent of early …

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  • 345f31d7baee939f19c191581640cfcd_original

    The Shrike – The Shrike

  • rjd2-dame-fortune-jpeg-cover-2

    RJD2 – Dame Fortune

  • Bo-wie Didn’t

    Did you intentionally mean to embarrass and make contributor Cee Cee Hill (David Bowie-Blackstar review) look like an ass who is writing about a musician she obviously knows nothing about?! She wrote that Bowie is best known for his cover of the Nirvana song “The Man Who Sold the World.” Ummmm no. Bowie released the song in 1970 and I am sure Kurt was still in diapers then. By the way, he is more known as the Goblin King than he was known for that song. Any Bowie fan could tell you he is best known for his Ziggy Stardust …

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  • There Is Such a Thing as a Dumb Question

  • Your Mom Loves Savage Henry