• 2017 Get in the Van Tour

    Get In The Van with Cornell Reid (Comedy Central.com, Hulu), Andrew Holmgren (Viceland, SF Weekly Comedian of the Year), Zeke Herrera (Savage Henry Magazine Denver Bureau Chief), Matt Redbeard (Host of the In the Ring with Redbead podcast, Comedy Central.com) and special guests!

  • Butch Escobar at The Jam 4/25

    Our good friend from the Bay! Butch Escobar returns to Humboldt to headline The Jam. The last time Ian Kung came to Humboldt he did his set after smoking marijuana for the first time! Come see if he's got dreadlocks yet! Locals Nando Molina and William Toblerone open. Hosted by Evan Vest. $7

  • Savage Henry Night at Silverlake Lounge LA

    The West's Humor Magazine brings its Get In the Van! Tour almost to a close with a varierty comedy/dance party/fun time at The Siverlake Lounge! Cornell Reid, Andrew Holmgren, Zeke Herrera, Matt Redbeard along with very special guests Barbara Gray! Greg Edwards! Steve Hernandez! and possibly more very special guests! And after comedy, fuck it, let's dance! Music from the tour playlist (maybe) and we'll definitely eat Cubanos from that spot next door! Get this....All for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zach Pugh at The Jam 5/9

    From Los Angeles, Zach Pugh comes up for a night of laughs at the Jam. Come check out Humboldt's longest running weekly comedy show. Local legends Matt Redbeard, Dr. Foxmeat and Josh Barnes open. Hosted by James Stephen. $7

  • Sam Tallent's Oregon Trail Tour

  • Ben’s 10 Volume LXVII: Translated Passive Aggressive Song Titles

    Artist: The Beatles Passive Aggressive Song Title: “Let It Be” Translation: “Get the Fuck Away From Me Paul, the Band is Over!”   Artist: Billy Joel Passive Aggressive Song Title: “Just The Way You Are” Translation: “You May Be Butt Ugly, But I Will Look Past That and Stay With You”   Artist: The White Stripes Passive Aggressive Song Title: “You’re Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)” Translation: “I’m Gay”   Artist: Fleetwood Mac Passive Aggressive Song Title: “Go Your Own Way” Translation: “Leave Me Alone Asshole, I’m Getting a Restraining Order!”   Artist: Carly Simon Passive Aggressive Song Title: …

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  • Cool Ghouls – Animal Races

  • Puro Instinct – Autodrama