• Red Pill, Blue Pill, Purp

    OJ Patterson, contributor The cylinder’s milky smoke evaporated into a spike, jabbing, piercing, probing until Neo found himself in an all white room. Only two beat-up armchairs and an old timey television in “middle” of the “room” interrupted the emptiness. “This is the Construct,” announced Morpheus, stepping from behind a cloud of smoke. “It’s our loading program. We can load anything from ideas to images to philosophies, arguments, hypotheticals, anything we can imagine.” “Right now, we’re in an altered state?” Neo wavered. “Is it really so hard to believe? Your clothes feel different. Your memory and sense of time are …

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  • How to Achieve the Perfect Stoner Look

  • Talking Dog Conspiracy Theory

  • Get High Off Your Own Supply

  • Never Lustered – The Nathan Lund Interview

    Reigning Denver Comedy Champion, Fine Gentleman’s Club co-founder, and all-around joy bomb Nathan Lund is one of the most recognizable faces in the Denver scene. With over 10 years of stand-up under his belt, Lund has earned his place on festivals like High Plains and Oddball, and has performed with folks like Kyle Kinane and TJ Miller. His weekly showcase Too Much Fun (RIP) consistently lived up to its name and was one of the best rooms in Denver to catch a top notch selection of visiting and local comics. I talked to Lund about defending his title belt, wrestling, …

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  • Behind the Lens – The Dutch Savage Interview

  • Waite Distribution – The Dave Waite Interview