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    The Night I Spoke with Jesco

    Evan Vest, contributor I remember the night Appalachian outlaw tap dancer Jesco White came to me in my dreams. I was sitting on an antique rocking chair, forlorn and pained with memories of lost loves. From down the hallway I heard a rhythmic tapping. I followed the sound and saw a man in a confederate flag baseball cap and long white beard. It was Jesco. He reeked of gasoline and cigarettes, which seemed like it would be a dangerous combination. He started tap dancing towards me, filling me with a thrilling combination of dread and wonder. He stopped his dance …

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    A Real Downer

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    Narcan Is a Buzzkill

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    Did I Take Too Much Acid or Not Enough

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    Scott Bowser’s Retirement Plan

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    Ben’s 10 Volume LXXI : Rock Album Narcotic Pairings

    Heroin: Iggy Pop Kill City The only true way to relate to where Iggy was in his life and career in 1977 is to listen to Kill City. Pop had just been released from a mental hospital for heroin addiction and didn’t do well with recovery. It was not uncommon for him to be found literally lying in the gutter along Hollywood’s Sunset Strip at this period of time, with no one caring enough to assist the junk-addled singer.   Methamphetamine: Korn Korn In recent interviews with the California nu-metal band, all of the members of Korn admitted they recorded …

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    Tortoise – The Catastrophist

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    David Bowie – Blackstar

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    New Kid on the Block – The Joshua Barnes Interview

    Hey gang, meet Joshua Barnes, one of the newest comics on the Humboldt scene. Not just a newbie to Northern California, he’s also a new comic, having clocked in just over a year of stand-up. But don’t let his short time doing comedy fool you. The kid has it. I talked to Barnes about his journey to Humboldt, his time spent as a rapper and his main comedy influence. Isaac Kozell: You’ve got a wife of five years and a three-year-old child. Does life with them make it into your comedy material? Joshua Barnes: A lot of my stuff comes …

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    In the Kitchen with Danny Palumbo

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    Freeing the Animal – The Sean Patton Interview

  • There Is Such a Thing as a Dumb Question

    I caught your podcast of 2/25, where you folks said you liked to play Star Wars: Battlefront. Nothing wrong with that, but it got my curiosity up. Has anyone on your podcast played Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Maker, or Splatoon? While I’m at it, have you guys ever played video games while stoned? — Don Lewis ed – Hold the motherfuckin’ phone? Video Games? Stoned? Consider my mind blown Don! Holy shit! Does anyone else know if this phenomenon? This could change the way people sit around their house and do absolutely nothing all day forever! Thanks, Don, and most of …

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  • Your Mom Loves Savage Henry

  • Savage Henry Podcast Saves Sex-Starved College Student