• THE SHIT feat FC Sierra & Christopher John

    Our best friends FC Sierra and Christopher John kick off the new show....THE SHIT. Locals Dr. Foxmeat, Trevor Lockwood and Evan Vest open it up. Hosted by Matt Redbeard. $5

  • Dutch Savage Headlines The Jam 6/7

    If there ever was a local comedy OG, it's Dutch Savage. And you can all witness the mastery of Dutch, a Dutch Master if you will. Nando Molina, Josh Barnes and Pat Dylan open. Matt Redbeard hosts. Fun. $5

  • The Tease #2 - 5/23 at Tip Top

    The second installment of Savage Henry and Nando Molina's classy comedy show....The Tease. Featuring Humboldt's finest comedians and most beautiful burlesque performers. A throwback comedy show to the day and age where modern stand-up was born. Throwback drink specials all night too! So dress up, bring your best gal and be ready to never look at Monday nights the same way. $10 general/$40 table (includes two admissions)

  • Josh Androsky & James Fritz - 6/1 at Arcata Theater Lounge

    James Fritz (Babe Island, Just for Laughs Festival) is preparing to record his comedy record for A Special Thing Records in July. Josh Androsky (Vice Magazine, Spongebob Square Pants, Comedy Central) is a skateboard rabbi. Local openers Dr. Foxmeat, Dev Richards, Evan Vest. Hosted by Matt Redbeard. Only $5!

  • The Tease #3 Feat. Dave Ross - 6/6 at Tip Top

    The third installment of Savage Henry and Nando Molina's classy comedy show....The Tease. This one has a special guest headliner! You've seen him on Comedy Central's Drunk History, you've seen him on IFC, you've heard him on his critically acclaimed podcast Terrified or on Marc Maron's WTF.....It's DAVE ROSS! $10 general/$40 table (includes two admissions)

  • The Dude Bra Tour w/ Kate Willett & Rachel Lark

    6/16 at The Jam. Tickets available at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2552798

  • Morrissey-solo

    Less Is Morrissey

    I have friends who like The Smiths, and consequently, they are also fans of the solo work of their frontman, Morrissey. But they’re wrong. His apathetic crooning about the banality of life is not only boring, but, like his music, downright pointless. Seriously, listening to The Smiths is like… Eating a lukewarm bowl of Crispix that’s been soaking in rice milk overnight. Watching a Gen X comedy film starring Janeane Garofalo in slow motion. A sensory deprivation chamber relaxing inside of another sensory deprivation chamber. The only thing that will cancel out the noise of a Michael Stipe solo record. …

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  • tb

    Live Show Preview: Tigerbomb’s Final Performance

  • Poison-Idea

    Poison Idea – Confuse & Conquer

  • 941056_1160440557323389_268078894210980472_n

    New Kid on the Block – The Joshua Barnes Interview

    Hey gang, meet Joshua Barnes, one of the newest comics on the Humboldt scene. Not just a newbie to Northern California, he’s also a new comic, having clocked in just over a year of stand-up. But don’t let his short time doing comedy fool you. The kid has it. I talked to Barnes about his journey to Humboldt, his time spent as a rapper and his main comedy influence. Isaac Kozell: You’ve got a wife of five years and a three-year-old child. Does life with them make it into your comedy material? Joshua Barnes: A lot of my stuff comes …

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  • 10390483_10100374740938426_6543186194963008541_n

    In the Kitchen with Danny Palumbo

  • tumblr_nm6r6u0vYa1qztv2io1_1280

    Freeing the Animal – The Sean Patton Interview