• Song Review: Gregory Bortnichak “I’m On Fire”

    Ben Allen, music editor Gregory Bortnichak’s cover of the Bruce Springsteen classic “I’m On Fire” begins so hushed and reserved, you may feel guilty for intruding on this intimately recorded moment. Bortnichak’s captivating, haunting vocal is accompanied solely by a gently plucked cello. There is not a hint of irony in this passionately delivered interpretation, as Bortnichak painstakingly deconstructs the original down to its essential elements. Later, some ambient and repetitive noise further intrigues while an echo-laden cello mimics the vocal harmony. It is an unusual accomplishment for music this subtle and unassuming to be so captivating. In his own …

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  • Album Review: The Shins “The Worm’s Heart”

  • Album Review: Alex Bloom “Blue Room”

  • Thank God That Happened Now – The Seth Milstein Interview

    Isaac Kozell, staff   Eugene, Oregon comedy stalwart — and the writer behind Savage Henry Magazine’s “Cliff Hanker” series — Seth Milstein knows that it takes more than a few hell gigs to build both a scene and a career. After slowly making his way across America, Milstein finally settled down in Eugene to raise a family. “I looked at that life that I thought I wanted and was like, ‘There’s something missing.’” That something was standup, an ambition that would require him to overcome his stage fright in an almost non-existent scene. Flash forward to today and Milstein is …

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  • Whatever Way Possible – The Matt Knudsen Interview

  • Henderson Centaur Interview

  • Web Letter

    Savage Henry is epic. Hands down my favorite magazine, and I don’t even read magazines! If I send you guys 35 dollars or something like that could you mail a monthly copy to my apartment?   Sincerely, a musician   Ed note – Thanks A. Musician, we offer subscriptions for $50 a year! Thanks!

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  • Oogle Letter

  • Fire Letter