• Savage Henry Comedy Night @ Johnny B's in Medford, OR

    The Wests's Humor Magazine brings it's live show to Medford and Johnny B's! Josh Barnes, Evan Vest and Shaun Lamar, all from Humboldt County's super rich comedy scene, bring their brand of jokes! Hosted by Chris Durant. $5

  • Savage Henry Comedy All Stars at The Rockslide

    Savage Henry Magazine brings some of Humboldt's best comedians for a night of laughs at The Rockslide in Hawkins Bar. Newly named, newly remodeled and newly restauranted...The Rockslide welcomes the comedians from the coast!

  • 2017 Get in the Van Tour

    Get In The Van with Cornell Reid (Comedy Central.com, Hulu), Andrew Holmgren (Viceland, SF Weekly Comedian of the Year), Zeke Herrera (Savage Henry Magazine Denver Bureau Chief), Matt Redbeard (Host of the In the Ring with Redbead podcast, Comedy Central.com) and special guests!

  • RedRumsey / Teach Me Equals

    Dutch Savage, contributor This record opens with what appears to be a simple acoustic track featuring former Unwound bassist Vern Rumsey (RedRumsey). Immediately after, the album shifts toward a stranger wormhole of weird. At times moody and unpredictable, this split EP takes the listener in an unlikely direction with eclectic sounds and interesting recording techniques. By the middle, we hear Teach Me Equals with a smooth reverb-drenched female voice squeezed from what could be Kim Gordon’s Washing Machine-era Sonic Youth demos. The spaced-out guitar licks and drum machine are irresistible, with Vern “Red” Rumsey’s bass lines playing a vital role …

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  • Ben’s 10 Volume LXVVI: The Bold Technological Predictions of Kraftwerk

  • Whitney – Light Upon the Lake

  • Waite Distribution – The Dave Waite Interview

    Ask Dave Waite how he stays focused on his career after 12 years of doing comedy and his reply will be a simple and direct, “I don’t.” But his struggle with time management and keeping a clear head hasn’t stopped him from releasing two albums, touring the country, performing at various festivals (including the upcoming 5th annual Savage Henry Comedy Festival), and earning TV appearances on shows like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Not Safe with Nikki Glaser. Dave called me from his car while touring the Southern United States to talk about choosing LA over NYC, his upcoming …

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  • Relax and Trust Me – The Caitlin Gill Interview

  • 2 Legit 2 Quit – The Barry Rothbart Interview

  • I Read Savage Henry with Some Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti

    I was having a shit day when I found your magazine outside of my local liquor store in Chico. A combination of your mag and the fucking giant bottle of wine I bought really improved my day. Hope I find the next issue. — @kaylieshainexo to @savagehenrymagazine on Instagram Ed note – Thanks @kaylieshainexo! Our website, savagehenrymagazine.com, has a map where you can find our magazine. It’s mostly up to date, and you can also subscribe. Thanks for reading!

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  • Bo-wie Didn’t

  • There Is Such a Thing as a Dumb Question