• Henderson Centaur Interview

    When the Henderson Centaur awoke from its 352-year slumber in the remote coastal village of Eureka, it was confused. The half-man/half-beast was disoriented and angry. In a moment of absolute desperation, the creature began screeching, screaming and vocalizing its discontent in a frightened, abrasive manner. These sounds can be heard while strolling through Eureka’s Henderson Center, the captive beast expressing its agony and despair. Through inexplicable telepathic means, I was able to psychically connect with the Henderson Centaur, a group of humans who recreate the expressions of this creature in an auditory format. I inquired into their expression of sound, …

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  • The Audacity of Soap

  • Smooth Like Granite – The Derek Sheen Interview

  • Un-American Letter

    You are so UN-AMERICAN. All the sex talk, articles about sex, and referring to sex, is not only bad taste, its unbecoming of people such as yourself. You,obviously are a sperm-donor, not a Daddy. Great! 3 more kids who are not going to succeed at anything and are going to always have their hand out expecting everybody else to to pay for their way. Responsiblity, is obviously not important to you or you would not write bull-shit, unnecessarry statements about our President. Do you believe in anything?? Democrat, jack-ass, terrible father, great head of household who has a problem with …

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  • Letters 2 the Editor, Part 2: Extreme Edition

  • Spicy Asshole Letter