• Thank God That Happened Now – The Seth Milstein Interview

    Isaac Kozell, staff   Eugene, Oregon comedy stalwart — and the writer behind Savage Henry Magazine’s “Cliff Hanker” series — Seth Milstein knows that it takes more than a few hell gigs to build both a scene and a career. After slowly making his way across America, Milstein finally settled down in Eugene to raise a family. “I looked at that life that I thought I wanted and was like, ‘There’s something missing.’” That something was standup, an ambition that would require him to overcome his stage fright in an almost non-existent scene. Flash forward to today and Milstein is …

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  • Whatever Way Possible – The Matt Knudsen Interview

  • Henderson Centaur Interview

  • Web Letter

    Savage Henry is epic. Hands down my favorite magazine, and I don’t even read magazines! If I send you guys 35 dollars or something like that could you mail a monthly copy to my apartment?   Sincerely, a musician   Ed note – Thanks A. Musician, we offer subscriptions for $50 a year! Thanks!

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  • Oogle Letter

  • Fire Letter