• This Blinding Light – Mountain

    Dutch Savage, contributor   I am guessing this band is from Seattle? Acclaimed grunge producer Jack Endino worked with This Blinding Light to create a riff-pop sludge grunge Rock and Roll EP and it does not disappoint.   Catchy riffs and college-radio vocals smash themselves together, creating a kind of heaviness — not quite “Melvins-heavy,” but definitely producing a thickness (zip) that fans of Pacific Northwest sounds will find appealing. Bass is prominent on tracks like “Tree Of life” and “Heaven,” the latter sounding like an old Sub Pop-era gem. Album closer “Eyes” is fuzzy as fuck; the hypnotic vocals …

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  • The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – The Echo of Pleasure

  • Queens of the Stone Age – Villains

  • The Audacity of Soap

    Evan Vest, contributor   In the later 1990s, Ryan Jaunzemis was the king of soaping, a sport that combined elements of skateboarding along with what now would be called parkour. Using shoes with a grind plate attached at the bottom, Ryan was soaping his way into magazines and sponsorships, until an e-mail blunder cost him almost anything. The short documentary Soap or Die chronicles the tale with stoke levels only appropriate for such a story, and also offers some motivation to live how you like. I asked Ryan some questions about soap, smoke, and living to the fullest   Evan: …

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  • Smooth Like Granite – The Derek Sheen Interview

  • Ngaio Bealum is no stranger to Humboldt County

  • Un-American Letter

    You are so UN-AMERICAN. All the sex talk, articles about sex, and referring to sex, is not only bad taste, its unbecoming of people such as yourself. You,obviously are a sperm-donor, not a Daddy. Great! 3 more kids who are not going to succeed at anything and are going to always have their hand out expecting everybody else to to pay for their way. Responsiblity, is obviously not important to you or you would not write bull-shit, unnecessarry statements about our President. Do you believe in anything?? Democrat, jack-ass, terrible father, great head of household who has a problem with …

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  • Letters 2 the Editor, Part 2: Extreme Edition

  • Spicy Asshole Letter