• Ben’s 10 Volume LXXXVI:

    Moments of Lunacy with Mr. Moon Ben Allen, music editor   All right, it’s the Space Issue. The moon is a celestial body and The Who’s infamous drummer Keith Moon was undisputedly a lunatic, a term originating from the 16th century referring to intermittent insanity caused by the moon. Moon was arguably the wildest man in the history of rock and roll, conducting chaos and anarchy with a unique brand of madness wherever he went.   Driving a Rolls Royce into Motel 6 Pool Moon celebrated his 21st birthday by ingesting a ridiculous number of chemicals and alcohol, starting a …

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  • Offers – Ne-Hi

  • Doris and the Daggers – Spiral Stairs


    Hello this is Matthew Fleming the guy who created the 101 comic in early issues of Savage Henry. I moved back to Sacramento a few years ago… I just wanted to say thanks for letting me be apart of your awesome magazine, and I have to admit that I wrote hate mail about my own comic Under an assumed name “Bill D. Berg” I thought it was funny and I thought it might draw some attention to my comic. I think you printed my fake opinion in #9 or #10 or right around there, my Savage Henry collection is in …

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  • Fan Mail!

  • I Read Savage Henry with Some Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti